Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i'm still adoring and falling in love with this website ever since i unintentionally found it, it was last year when i googled i-don't-what-was-that, hmmmm, can't exactly remember what's the keyword.. hahaha...

when i opened it back then, just one word came out of my mouth.. it's a W-O-W..! haha..
i always feel happy whenever i see what's inside the site.. i don't know why.. x)
just looking at the photos or reading the stories, it can make me in a good mood or sometimes make me wanna have the same happy stories too.. hahaha..

well, here's the address, AXIOO.. see it and feel it.. lol.. x)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

punya otak, dipake buat mikir..!
punya rasa, dipake buat ngerti..!

Friday, January 1, 2010


let's hope for a better life year ahead..... :)
and our wishes, hopes, and prayers will come true.. amiiinn...

Friday, December 18, 2009

hellow yellow......!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm...! i really dunno what to write right now.. sigh..
i have looottsssss of stories and looottss to tell, but no idea where to start... LOL....

since i left Germany, i'm running my new life right now best as i can... well, not exactly new, my life is still the same tho.. but what i do and have right now is another new experiences that i've never imagine before that i will do this and being in this situation!
and that's what i called LIFE, sometimes you've never got what you want the most but you got what you've never expected before and maybe that's the best damn thing that ever happened to you.. top of all, everything is always God's plans anyway and God knows what's best for us.. :)
so instead of whining and complaining, i'm learning to enjoy, love, cherish, and be grateful for it..
we live in this world only once so why waste and bother it with something useless, right???

well i loveeeeee my college's life here.. tho i still have some hard time to adapt and learn the new things and system, it's totally different from what i've learned in germany but i really really enjoy it.. its just so great being in a new place, new atmosphere with new faces and having new friends then making a good relationship with some of them.. :)
at first i was afraid that i can't be friends with them because of our difference of age.. but guessed i was wrong.. :) the more i know them the more i understand and feel comfort having friendship with them.... :D

surrounding by family and bestfriends, i just couldn't ask for more... :)
i FLOVE my life, enough said... :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

la la la la la la

i've been abandoned my blog for a loonggg time...
how i miss writing badly!!!!

i'm having mid term tests right now, so maybe i'll be back after it's all done with lots of stories!! lol..
wish me luck y'all!

for now, toodles.. :D

Sunday, June 7, 2009

passion is fashion!

i'm havin so much fun playing around in looklet....
just try it by yourself!

and please visit my page....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

lack of......


i miss writing so bad....
wanna update my blog, but no time and stories... hihihii..

padahal sih banyaaaakk cerita, cuma ga ada mood buat nulisnya....
yg ada malah ditulis di draft without publishing dan ga pernah selesai pula... hehe..

and btw, i'm having so much fun with twitter, reading my daily dose tweets from Anoop Desai.....
oh my oh my oh my oh my... i'm in love with him, YES YES YES deeply in love... lol!
i'm his Fan4Life and Nooper Trooper for always...... :)

so maybe i'll update my blog when i have somethin to write.. hehehehe...


single ladies

just found it, so what'd ya'll think????
LMAO!!!!! hahahaha....

klick here

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

random updates!

* i'm HOME
* i miss Nuernberg badly! x(
* spending most of my times with my mommy
* more more more in love with Anoop!
* i made Serabi, Bread Pudding, and Potatoes Donnut!
* hate my internet connection at home, oh how i miss germany so bad!
* i passed those exam, alhamdulillah...
* watch movies that i already downloaded
* i want to learn how to make clothes since i love to design them
* forgot how to speak in deutsch, damn!
* playing the sims 2 all the time (can't wait for the sims 3 release!)
* i wanna eat Gelato so bad!!!
* i miss walking around in "Kota" in Nuernberg....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Long Comfortable Life
Farewell Dear Friends
Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland
Good Bye Dreams

i'm leaving you for the best reason, InsyaAllah...

and i'll be back for sure, it's a promise!
amin. :)