Tuesday, March 31, 2009

random updates!

* i'm HOME
* i miss Nuernberg badly! x(
* spending most of my times with my mommy
* more more more in love with Anoop!
* i made Serabi, Bread Pudding, and Potatoes Donnut!
* hate my internet connection at home, oh how i miss germany so bad!
* i passed those exam, alhamdulillah...
* watch movies that i already downloaded
* i want to learn how to make clothes since i love to design them
* forgot how to speak in deutsch, damn!
* playing the sims 2 all the time (can't wait for the sims 3 release!)
* i wanna eat Gelato so bad!!!
* i miss walking around in "Kota" in Nuernberg....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Long Comfortable Life
Farewell Dear Friends
Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland
Good Bye Dreams

i'm leaving you for the best reason, InsyaAllah...

and i'll be back for sure, it's a promise!
amin. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

paekchen from Hamburg

pagi2 udah ada yg klingeln rumahnya mba adria..
*fyi, gw numpang dirumahnya seminggu sebelum pulang.. hehe..

dan ternyata dua abang pos yg ganteng2 baik2 ramah2 bawa paket dari tetehku sayang di Hamburg....

happyyyyyy yippiieee.....

danke ya teh.. banyak banget lagi isi paketnya.. hehe..