Tuesday, March 31, 2009

random updates!

* i'm HOME
* i miss Nuernberg badly! x(
* spending most of my times with my mommy
* more more more in love with Anoop!
* i made Serabi, Bread Pudding, and Potatoes Donnut!
* hate my internet connection at home, oh how i miss germany so bad!
* i passed those exam, alhamdulillah...
* watch movies that i already downloaded
* i want to learn how to make clothes since i love to design them
* forgot how to speak in deutsch, damn!
* playing the sims 2 all the time (can't wait for the sims 3 release!)
* i wanna eat Gelato so bad!!!
* i miss walking around in "Kota" in Nuernberg....


catch me! said...

and we all missed you!!! where have you been? kok baru apdet sihh??!!! *marahhh* LOL..


pinkylotta said...

maaakkkss... ya ampuuunn.. dah lama aku nelantarin blog ini.. huhuhuuu..

i miss you too much........