Saturday, May 17, 2008

right or wrong???

i was sitting on my balcony..
not to enjoy the beautiful view like usual..
but tried to make me feel more calm..
i had a problem with my heart..
so i have to think clearly to make an important decision..
accompanied with my iPod+ Tissuebox..
yes, i need lots of tissue to wiped my tears..
because i CRIED a lot too..
and suddenly i fell a sleep..
wasn't really realize, 'till i open my eyes and the sky is already dark.. x(

i've made it..
i mean the decision..

i think it was fine..
i was happy too that have made such a right decision..

but now, i keep wondering..
did i make it right or wrong??
my heart is full of DOUBT!!

can i trust you??

God, bin ja immer verwirrt..
hab null Ahnung!!!

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