Friday, February 20, 2009

bring him back!!

i'm mad and upset!!

Anoop Desai should’ve taken a spot in the Top 12 instead of Michael Sarver!
he truly deserve to be there..
he's simply amazing with a beautiful voice, great potential, has charisma, talent and brains!

and yes i'm in love and already a huge fan of him since the first time i saw him with clef hanger!!

but anyway, at least he has a chance to do it up in the wild card round because he's the fourth highest vote..
they'll (the judges) make a big mistake if they don't let him back in WILD CARD Round..
so let's pray and keep our finger cross!!

and by the way, i really hate those new effin' system in American Idol.. why do they have to pick 1 male and 1 female (both with the highest vote) and 1 rest.. it's silly, ridiculous, and sucks!
why don't they make it simple like before selecting the top 3 base on the vote instead of the sex!
i just don't get it! sigh!!

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