Friday, February 6, 2009

it's me.........

You are Gold Elephant type of person, who tends to be fresh, straightforward and hold a pure heart.

You look very active, cheerful and articulate.

You are good-looking woman.

You tend to be very intelligent, and are not a difficult person.

Your honest and good personality attracts many people.

You also possess will power and have perseverance.

You put your maximum effort in anything you do, which gives a favorable impression to others.

Although, you don't depend on others easily, your rationalism and argumentative personality is something you should watch out for.

You sometimes change completely and surprises people.

Those Gold Elephants who had lived most of their lives with their parents have this tendency.

They hurt other people's feelings by being too blunt.

Nevertheless, you tend to be extremely polite most of the times.

Those of you who have left home and live independently tend to be polite.

The loneliness of living on your own seems to mature your character.

You will not go into deep relationship with ordinary office working men.

But you do not go much for macho type and those who assert themselves too much.

Your cheerful and active personality may give a wrong impression, but you will be extremely good at keeping your home.

hihii.. believe it or not, some of them are so true.. x)


John said...

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Fantastic pictures.

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my shapeless imagination said...

piink..aku jg coba inii..
dan hasilnya? so damn right! hehehe...

miss youu..

pinkylotta said...

hihiii.. iya yaaa say, bener baget gituuu..