Saturday, February 7, 2009


got tagged from Tya..

15 Random Things About Me That You Should Know:

* i am a typical LEO girl who live far away from HOME in a beautiful small city named N├╝rnberg

* i eat SALT.. yes, without anything just pure salt

* i consider MYSELF as open minded *i guessed x)

* i CAN easily forgive but i'll NEVER forget

* i LOVE pink, sunflower, coffee, ice cream, dancing, and travelling

* i am a pet lover, esp. DOGs and RABBITs

* i am NOT really a nice person *people always think and say that about me in our first meeting

* i am a fan of AC-Milan and HARRY POTTER since i was a kid

* i have passion in FASHION and PHOTOGRAPHY

* i wanted to be a DOCTOR, till now i guess hihiii..

* i wish i already married BEFORE turn 25y.o.


* i collect POSTCARDs

* i have lots of BAD habit and also GUILTY pleasure

* i LOVE my parents and grandma more than anything in this effin' world

ok than, i'll tag sariiy, my mommy (will you mom? hihii..), titinadi, and everyone who already read it..


::my twisted mind:: said...

wah, kamu koleksi postcards juga pings? samaaa dongg!! ngomong2 soal postcard, si mamang nitip postcard buat km tuh hehehehe..

pinkylotta said...

aku klo kmana2 pasti nyari postcards.. hihiiii..

iya yaa.. duuhh kapan ya ambilnyaa..
nanti deh ya maks, pas kita ketemuan.. okaaayy..