Wednesday, August 13, 2008

beautiful present...

many people asked me, what do i want in my birthday..

i don't want anything but one...

i just want my mommy..
i just want to be with her and spend the whole day together like many years before..
it's my first time having a birthday without her near me..

when she called me last night, all i can do is cry..
crying like a baby..
i miss her so much....
in my big day, she always wakes me up, kiss me, sing happy birthday and also give me a present..
and i really really really miss that moment..

when i woke up this morning, i didn't get what i used to get.. ='(
and when i saw my mommy's Blog, i started to cry again..

i miss you Moooommmmmmmmm..

i would love to change all the presents that i've got as long as my mom is here with me now...
and it would be the best and most precious present i've ever got...


::my twisted mind:: said...

i know it is hard to have a special day when your special person is not by your side..but you know a mother's prayer will always in their child's heart forever. and that is more than enough..happy birthday once again..

pinkylotta said...

i knooooowwwwwwwwww.. =(
and my mommy said that too, that she always prays for me, and she lives in my heart..
tapiiiiiiiiii, teteeep ajaa.. ='(

btw, danke kuenya ya maaakk.. enaakkk..